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Check out our event page

Check out our event page

Check out our event page Check out our event page Check out our event page

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Socialization for the disabled community

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We would love to meet you. Sign up for our fun activities, or check out fun things to do under our event page. Family, friends, and caretakers are always welcome.

Learn A Skill –  We never really know what we are good at until we try. Check out our upcoming free classes. Have some fun and learn new skills 

Let’s Hang Out –  

We are always planning new events where we can celebrate us. We’re looking forward to meeting you.  

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GiLTH stands for: God Is Love, Truth, Holy - The Urban Dictionary defines “GiLTH” as “awesome, beyond awesome, something so great that it’s indescribable.” We all need to lead with the GiLTH of God!

About Us

Our Commitment


We are here to take good care

of this world in which we share.

We are about;

Spreading the seed of good deed.

We have no doubt that there is a route

for all to sprout.

We plant our seed amidst the drought.

In its plight it will fight amongst all the wrong,

grow and be strong.

For when we do right,

the seed will lead with great might,

carried by God’s power to bring forth the shower,

capable to break loose from all the miss use,

eradicate all and any excuse,

 together with love it will grow and produce.

In His touch, the seed will cling and clutch

to our preparation to reach our destination.

For when we carry the GiLTH of God,

it will remove all the filth and façade.

for our mission is to take the position that in coalition

we can clean up the mess,  

by living in Love, Truth, and Holiness.

Sherry Ann Gray 

Together we can make the world a better place!


Together We Can Make a Difference

  • The  ministry will have an effective outreach program and a variety of  components to reach the special needs/ disabled community with social gatherings, and activities to express that we are all celebrated in God’s eyes.