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Poetic Faith Book A guide to adapt to change

An Inspirational Read

  •  Once we feel the love of God in our heart and understand who we  are in Christ, we can develop into the person we are intended to be. We  begin  to obtain the power to change through the power of God. Once we  develop our relationship with Him, we can then seek direction to break  down the barriers that hold us captive. We can then relinquish the fear  associated with taking a new direction.  Read more
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Available on Amazon - Paperback and Kindle


A Guide to a Blessed Life

  • In this book we will discover when we are ready to forge ahead with our  dream, vision, or idea. Once we define what it really means to have  success then we can move forward and have our dreams blessed. We will  discover our true path to a successful life cannot be separated from  striving to live a Godly life.  
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Take a look inside to unravel what blocks you from success!

Sow A Seed

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